Hello, and where are all my damned fish?

So, I’ve been procrastinating on the whole “blogging” thing; I don’t want to bore my Facebook friends with all of my life drama, but I need a place to gather my thoughts…

I used to have another blog that actually got fairly popular for a while, but it was almost exclusively focused on issues relating to polyamory. As I spent more and more time “out” as poly, it started to seem more and more normal to me, so having a blog dedicated exclusively to my identity as a poly guy seemed… restrictive.

So this is my new, new, hopefully not-single-identity blog. “Tom ForNow” is my current “playa name.” For my non-burner friends, this is a name that Burning Man enthusiasts use. I’m not trying to be anonymous or anything (my Facebook link is on this blog, and anyone with two brain cells can figure out my “real” name), but “Tom ForNow” kinda stuck.

A little about me…

I’m a single, polyamorous, geeky guy who is into Burning Man and is “in recovery” (god, how I hate that term… but it’s a subject for another post…) from alcoholism. I “am” none, and all, of these things, but I don’t want to identify with a single facet of who I am. I am single, but probably not forever. I’m polyamorous, but that’s no more a defining trait than heterosexuality or asexuality. I like Burning Man, but I’m drifting away from an obsession with all things burner (note for friends: “burner” is one term Burning Man devotees use to refer to themselves… another topic for a non-hello post!). I’m sober and trying to stay that way, but that doesn’t identify who I am, it’s just… more data.

I like to talk, and write. A lot. I have to be careful, because the sheer quantity of my words can be off-putting. But I can no more remain silent than I can fly by flapping my wings; I need a place to write, and this corner o’ cyberspace is it, for now.

Which, fortuitously, brings us full circle to the title — Camp ForNow — and is a good place to close this post out. I’ll probably spew out a few more “intro” posts today, and then hopefully produce a steady stream of sheer genius going forward.

Note that I’m working on my own blogging software, but it’s not done yet — so you’re stuck with WordPress… for now.


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