I must create!

It's Sparkles, the Bus!

It’s Sparkles, the Bus!

Well, after Burning Man, I’ve got the “maker” bug… bad. I need to sew, hot glue, and weld. I want to program and compose. I want to make things that click and whir and go. I want to build

I’ve long felt that one of the ways I can “give back” to the world is through my creations. Burning Man taught me that I, too, am an artist.

Temple sketch.

Temple sketch.

I have so much to create, so much to offer. So much of who I am is trapped inside me, because I don’t draw, paint, compose, weld, sew, or otherwise share with the world. I don’t want to breed (in fact, I consider procreation in a world with 7 billion people to be the ultimate selfish act — sorry, just my feelings) but I create in other ways.

So, just like last year, after the Event, I’m fired up. I finally ordered a welder (a little wire-feed arc welder that should be sufficient to build an art car and produce small pieces) and I bought a serger (a specialized kind of sewing machine that’s great for seams and piping). I also sent away to replace the power supply for my Maschine which my naughty puppy chewed up (I’m looking at you, Pepperdog!) and I’m considering getting a little Arduino Due and figuring out how to address and program strip lighting. In fact, it feels like all my circuits are turned on, and it’s very hard to focus on my job and the “default world” right now (which is a bit of a danger, but I’ve navigated it before).

Let’s go! Let’s build! Let’s make shit!


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