Update, or, Au Revoir Facebook

So, the Facebook cops demanded that I change my name. As keenly aware as I am that FB is just a giant information farming tool designed to Sell You More Shit, I sort of refuse.

I also think Facebook isn’t terribly healthy (in general, and for me in particular). I have a tendency to obsess over “what people think about me” and that’s pretty much Facebook’s entire raison d’etre, so it’s possibly a happy coincidence.

Some are used to my voluminous spewings on FB, and worry about me when I “go silent,” so I just wanted to reassure the 3 people who read my blog: all is well, nothing horrific has happened. I’m just, you know, working, dealing with dogs, living my life.

I ordered a new kitchen scale and body fat calipers to track my attempts to maintain a healthy weight. And I realized my tabs are expired, so I need to go to the DOL at some point. That’s about the most exciting thing that’s happened in my life recently.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled talk of politics and puppies!


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