Short Bus Living!

Well, I’m getting excited. I’ve got the job — I make good money, and my boss loves me, so I think I’m in good shape. I’ve got the short bus (okay, a 2001 Ford Econoline E-150 cargo van, but who’s counting?) I’ve got enough money in the bank to take care of the last few items on the checklist (get the van fixed up, buy a few cheap(ish) items, get AAA, etc.) I have basically everything I need to go

And I put together a checklist called “Short Bus Living” which is all of the things I can think of to take care of before I go — from safety stuff (first aid kit, make sure I can secure the dog kennel so my pups don’t become projectiles in an accident) to hygiene (camp shower, porta-potty, check!) to comfort and fun (some kind of decent stereo for teh tunes, and good spare battery power and network boosters for entertainment).

I’m going to start ticking them off, one by one — starting with taking the van to the mechanic tomorrow. That’s the first step — making sure my transportation/home is in good condition.


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